Restore St. Charles

To put it simply, we really mean it when we say:

"Restoring Homes - Restoring Lives."

Are you ready to help make a difference?

Restore St. Charles
Restore St. Charles is a faith based program that focuses on serving through restoring the community around us.

Our Mission
It is our mission to restore lives, hope, and faith by restoring homes and properties. We organize volunteers, churches, and sponsors to make a real difference.

How We Do It
Restore St. Charles is meeting real needs of individuals who have homes and properties that need repair. Some of these projects are small and completed in a weekend, while others are much larger and require our ongoing commitment. In every case, a person is recommended to us or contacts us directly. We meet with that person to understand the situation and immediately work to assure them that we are there to help and never judge.

We then assemble a project leader who creates an action plan. The most important part of this early effort is to rally three important resources: volunteers, sponsors, and materials. The volunteers are the lifeblood of Restore St. Charles. They show up regularly and give their all to one of our work days; most show up over and over again and even contribute a few dollars toward the project. Our sponsors are companies who provide us the necessary materials, through contributions and discounts, to get the project done.

Why We Do It
The answer is simple: We seek to demonstrate the love of Christ in a real and tangible way.

Here Is The Question
We need your help and donations to continue making a difference. Are you ready to help us? Register here to join us: REGISTER