Restore St. Charles Sponsors make a huge difference !

Let's face it, restoring and rebuilding takes backing from more than just us volunteers. These companies, organizations, and charity groups really help us out.


Cornerstone Garage Builders is a local and family owned company with 30 years of garage building experience. They make a committment to integrity and that is refelcted in the quality of their work. Restore St. Charles would like to thank them for their dedicated support of our efforts.

Dardenne Presbyterian Church
Restore St. Charles was founded by forward thinking members who were eager to take Sunday messages about serving others to a whole new level. Visit Them

Home Depot
Restore St. Charles is blessed to participate in the The Home Depot's corporate program that supports local charitable organizations such as ours. Not a project goes by without a run to their facility.Visit Them

Cornerstone Gargage Builders
Cornerstone Garage Builders are experts at helping us get things built. From a simple wall repair to an entire construction project, they get job done right and we appreciate their help.xxxxVisit Them

xxxxDouble Image Company
Double Image Company are the folks to call when sodding and landscaping issues pop up on our projects. They help us make sure a job well done looks great from the street and we are grateful for their support.xxxxVisit Them

Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Services
Keeping an ear out for folks who need our help is important to our ability to serve. The fine folks at Sts Joachim and Ann Care Services are experts at reaching out and recommending projects to us. Visit Them