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The people of our community need your help and the team at Restore St. Charles needs you!
“If your objective is to change the world, what better way to begin than by helping a neighbor in need!”

Ready to volunteer?
If you are ready to help people by making a difference in their lives, or feel the need to “give back”, you have come to the right place. Restore St. Charles is looking for people just like you to who are ready to work with us on our projects. You don’t have to be a construction expert; you just need to be willing to help and become a blessing to others.  In doing so, you may find that you are blessed also.

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Please take a moment to register with Restore St. Charles as this is your chance to help make a real and lasting difference.

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You can send us an email about your desire to help or to let us know of a need for assistance.
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You can always call to get registered or to notify us of a need as well.
The numbers are:
(636) 495-1501